5 ways on how to grow on Twitter!

I think it is a well known fact that growing on Twitter is 100 times easier than Instagram. So I thought I could write on how to grow on Twitter, whilst being a blogger!

1- Staying Active! 

Whilst going through my exams it was practically impossible to stay on top of my blogs, social media and revise, I lost a lot of followers. However, as I recently reached 1000 followers I find it easier to communicate with others. I understand it is hard when you little followers however, being persistent will help you gain big time!

2- Engaging with your followers!

Asking your followers a question or two in a post will make your followers feel like you genuinely care and want to communicate with them. I usually begin to unfollow those who use social media just to gain popularity, I prefer to follow genuine people who will engage with me and involve their followers.

3- Give Feedback! 

When somebody posts about there blog, spend the time reading it carefully and give feedback on twitter, this will show that you really just want to help people out (majority of the time bloggers will return the favour because the blogging community is so lovely!)

4- Don’t overthink what you write!

I overthink everything, but if you just write how you feel, people will realise when you are being fake and real… If you write your honest opinion others will trust you when asking for advice!

5- Be Kind!

Remember an opinion can not be wrong, you can disagree but somebody’s opinion can’t be wrong. For example, if somebody writes a political view and you don’t agree with it there is no need to be unkind about their beliefs. I personally love when somebody challenges my opinion as I love a good debate, but arguing with somebody over their own tweet/blog is just a waste of time and will make you gain a negative reputation.

I hope this helped somebody out there haha, thank you for reading ❤




Sam xo



July Goals

My June goals, I think I absolutely smashed them! To remind you all my June goals were to:

  • Thank my teachers, mentors and anybody that helped me during my period at school.
  • Reach 80 followers on my blog.
  • Reach 800 followers on my twitter.
  • Read more blogs!
  • To be more generally happy.

I thanked so many people at my school, I brought bunches of flowers and chocolates for a few teachers that helped me specifically!

I reached 75 followers on my blog, SO CLOSE! But thank you all for supporting me I appreciate you all ❤

I absolutely smashed my twitter goal! I didn’t even think I could reach 800 followers talk about the 1220 followers I have now! So, thank you all so much again!

Quite proud to say I have been reading a butt load of blogs! I have posted two posts on twitter to let people post their links and I have read them all and left comments! I absolutely love reading all your blogs!

I think I have been a bit happier, now that I have finished school, I can start fresh. New friends, new school, new chapter, new life!

My July goals are:

  • To get the first BlogBox out to you wonderful people!
  • Reach 90 followers on my blog.
  • Reach 1500 followers on twitter!
  • Write more blogs! I need to pay more attention to my blog, big time!
  • I just want to try more unique make up looks! I want to be more adventurous with my make up and be more happy with myself.

I really hope my goals are just as successful as they were in June!




Sam xo

Summer Outfits

I done a poll on twitter asking if anyone would want to see what summer outfits I wear, and honestly pretty much everyone said yes! So I hope you enjoy reading this, sorry for not putting prices next to the outfits but to be honest I don’t remember as some of the clothing is old, but I guarantee that individually they are all under £20!



Look No.1

In this outfit I have a baggy pinkish sleeveless cardigan over a plain black vest and black leggings with some black pumps. I stole the cardi of my mum so I have no idea where it is from (LOL) but everything else in the outfit is most likely from H&M. Living in England means having outfits ready for a hot summer day with insane winds! So this look is perfect for those days where the weather can’t make its mind up! I also carry round my favourite black bag with brown handles as it goes with pretty much every outfit and can hold all my crap, you can see the bag a tiny bit in this photo haha.




Shoulder-less Shirt


Look No.2

Again, this whole look is from H&M, this sleeve-less top is the comfiest top going, it looks sophisticated and comfy (how perfect?!). The leggings are never see through whenever I buy a pair from H&M however I do buy a size up from what I actually am because they feel more comfy for me. In this look I wore my Nike black trainers as they are comfy as hell! Also need to do a little appreciation to my highlighter in this photo as it is poppppppinggggg! I use the L’Oréal highlighter.







Look No.3

I LOVEEEE my dungarees!! They are from Matalan, around a tenner I believe, the best thing about the dungarees is that any top goes with it! If you wear a top with a quote on it just have one side of the dungarees down and BOOM new look, or any coloured vest/top totally fits too! The only thing I can complain about is the back and that’s because it is crossed so the back of whatever top I’m wearing doesn’t suit the back and looks a bit silly, but hey the overall look is sweeeeeet.





Vest and Shorts


Look No.4

This is my most casual outfit that I wear with Havaianas plain black flip flops. The shorts are from H&M and the vest is from Matalan. The vest has this cute pattern on the back at the top which is a nice little add-on. The blue and white stripy shorts are lovely, they have a weird material but they are very comfortable, they also go with everything! I had my doubts when purchasing them because I have put on a lot of weight and struggled finding shorts that went over my thighs and also fit my waist (have huge thighs but a small waist, its a struggle), however I did not realise that on the back of the shorts is elastic which made them fit perfectly over my thighs and fit around my waist! I love this outfit as it doesn’t look clumsy but can be worn anywhere!



I hope you enjoyed reading! I loved writing this as I am so into fashion but it was hard to find someone to take photos of me so I had to steal my mums mirror to take photos in so thanks mum!

Sam xo




5 ways to grow on Instagram!

It is a well known fact that it is a hundred times harder to grow on Instagram that it is on Twitter. Even though my Instagram has 140 followers, I started my Instagram account in mid May, so I do believe I am doing quite well 🙂

1- Post loads!

Instagram have changed how the feed works, sometimes it is how recent a pot has been posted or how popular the post is. So, the more posts the more likely the viewers will be able to like your content! Plus, being active naturally gains more followers.

2- Post stories!

Posting stories to update your followers, or doing a poll will engage the followers loads! I always do polls as I always got loads of responses and also get to know the followers that tiny bit more.

3- Have a theme!

I use a really basic theme; post 3 photos, post two selfies and a nature or an object for my middle photo. I have no colour theme just a basic theme that I stick to. However if you are like me and stay inside all the time this theme is really useful. However if you are an outgoing person you can do 1 selfie instead of 2! On the other hand you can use your own theme! But themes make your profile look pretty and seem that you put loads of effort into make your profile pretty and attractive. 

4- Shout out your own Insta!

If you are popular on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest, let your followers know that you are on Instagram as well! There is nothing wrong with giving your own profile a little boost, it shows you are persistent and want to let your followers know you even more! 

5- Follow loads!

It is a well known fact that loads of people play the follow then unfollow game on Instagram, but if you follow loads you are more likely to get a follow back. At the end of every week go through your following list and unfollow those that don’t follow back!

Finishing School

I have finished the longest chapter in my life!! I started school when I was 2 years old, I went to quite a crappy primary school, education wise, but I had the best memories there. My nan was working in the school the whole way with me so I always had an escape room if I needed to have some alone time. But, I also had really funny and great teachers along the way. Instead of teaching their students knowledge the school decided to teach us common sense and how to adapt to new surroundings, I wouldn’t have it any other way. However my school life wasn’t always perfect…

When I went into high school I became popular quite quickly, I met new people and learnt to get along with practically everyone. I was the naughty kid for the first few years. Whereas, when I reached the mid point of year 9/ beginning of year 10, I suffered from bullying. I got bullied for having bad skin and for being me. I soon realised I had anxiety soon after as I didn’t want to be at home or at school. When I went to the doctor they automatically said I’ve always had anxiety and it has basically just been a ticking bomb ready to explode. At this point I done things I shouldn’t of done but I knew I had no escape.

School has changed me big time, at first I was the big popular girl that was loved by everyone then I turned into the girl that was alone and hated herself. Even though I still get these self hatred thoughts on the daily, I have learnt on how to control them and learn not to hurt myself just because anxiety is starting up again.

For anyone who hasn’t finished school, don’t assume every high school life is like this because it isn’t, I was just unlucky at the end. I loved school up until a certain point, but there is no way on earth was I letting bad events affect my grades and my future. I practically told everyone to wind their neck in so I can put myself first instead of their pettiness.

However, now that I finished school I feel so more relieved now! I won’t miss the majority of people in my year but I will miss the teachers and staff that stuck by my side day in and out just to make sure I was healthy and happy. Teachers even said to me if I can’t put education first its okay, as long as I’m healthy and happy that’s all they care about… I could not of asked for better teachers and staff at my school!

If you have ever been bullied or currently is, speak to someone. Don’t let the low lives pull you down because you are the big guy that is obviously affecting them more as they are wasting their time belittling you! You are the bigger person!

Thank you for reading, I didn’t want this post to be all sad but this was my school life.

Sam xo


Favourite Childhood Memories

Above | is a picture of me and my (middle) little sister, I didn’t even know this photo existed until I wrote this blog!

I have so many childhood memories but the one I will always remember is my youngest memory (I was 4 years old, yes 4!)  is when my whole family went to Turkey. My granddad done this thing where he would put me and my cousins on this big blue float on the swimming pool and sing this catchy song whilst pushing round the pool, and out of no where he would tip the float over! His laugh was the best… He would push us off as soon as we weren’t expecting it, he was always sneaky!

He was like a second dad to me, I always went round there for a cup of tea and cake whenever I needed to speak to him. He would always tell me to grow up and just get on with it. He has made me into the person I am today, he made me; stubborn, determined and capable to overcome problems. Unfortunately my Grandad lost his battle to cancer in 2014. He was a happy man that died with the people that meant the most to him around him. Sadly, I was stuck at home making dinner and I remember my reaction was dropping a pan and going on full rage. It took a few minutes to replace the anger with sadness but I now know that he is always looking over me singing that stupid catchy song that will always be in the back of my mind!

I don’t want this to be an upsetting blog as in my mind turning the sadness into positivity and happiness is what my Grandad would of wanted. If he could, he would of told everyone to stop crying and have a cup of tea! As much as I miss him and our amazing memories together, I appreciate the time I had with him and that I was the luckiest girl alive to have the best granddad ever!

Grandad George

My second favourite memory is when my mum, dad, sisters and I went to these woods with my mums best-friend Sally and her kids went to these woods and had a picnic. I remember we all went and sat on the field and it was a beautiful day out, but it just started pouring down in rain, I remember us all grabbing the food and legging it to the car. Us kids still wanted to feed the ducks, even in the rain, so we got back out and ran to the ducks and gave them food. I’m not sure why but the memory always brings a smile to my face if not laughter.

My last favourite memory is going to my first ever concert. It was a Take That one, and it was bloody amazing! I was 6/7 years old and I was dancing and singing my head of to their songs. Ever since that concert I love going to concerts even now, the adrenaline rush that you get from concerts is completely unique and feels amazing. Plus the sleep after the concert is the best sleep ever!

I hope you all know me a little bit better! These are my favourite childhood memories.

Love Sam xo

June Goals!

June is a huge month for me! I finish high school and my two year anniversary! As June is such a big month for me which I know is just going to be perfect, I have decided all my goals will be to celebrate the last 5 years of my life!

  • Say thank you to every teacher, mentor, counsellor and friend I have had that has helped me through my eventful (to say the least) years at high school.
  • Try and reach 80 followers on my blog! I have 45 at the moment and I love every single one of you for supporting me!
  • Reach 800 followers on twitter! I want to meet new bloggers and be able to get along with all different kinds of people 🙂
  • Read more blogs! I have been getting better at reading other blogs but it is very hard to read so many blogs, write your own blogs and revise… However as I finish school this month I can chuck revision of the list and focus on my blog more!!
  • To be happy, I have been so stressed in May because of exams, leg injury and just generally being more anxious. So I have to make all the negativity into positivity and to be more happy!

Be Happy

These are my June Goals! I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Sam xo